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Extend your products with the help of our platform

How about leveraging the technology behind PUMP in your own products? We've developed a suite of EV services that can help you build better electric mobility products at a faster pace. Here is a brief overview:

Flexible data platform: the basis of every EV Service.

Detailed information on public charging infrastructure is essential for high-quality EV services. We have developed a data platform that focuses on high data quality and flexibility. The platform allows the management of hundreds of thousands of charging stations including both static and dynamic aspects. This data platform can serve as the basis of charging services as well as analytical applications.

Flexible payment solutions: hyper-dynamic prices are the future

Easy payment for EV services is essential for easy access to electromobility. Flexible pricing models, dynamic pricing are a challenge for current platforms and limit many charging infrastructure operators today. We have flexible solutions that allow hyper dynamic pricing to be offered and charged transparently.

Live Car Connectivity: ask the car, not the user.

Even with the most accurate vehicle models, it's better to represent reality using real-time vehicle connectivity. With our vehicle API, you can access attributes like current mileage, state of charge, or typical range. If you are working on smart charging applications or want to monitor your fleet in real time, our platform gives you the possibility to access vehicles from all top brands like Audi, BMW or Volkswagen via an easy-to-use API.

Detailed vehicle models: a digital twin of the car.

We provide detailed vehicle models that support all current electric vehicle models from more than 25 brands, with each model supporting 20+ relevant attributes, such as detailed consumption or charging profiles. These models can be used in many different applications, from simulating journeys to predicting required charging within your own product.

The fastest charging planner: challenge us

Whether you're trying to serve your customers within your charging network or you're managing a fleet of electric vehicles, our charging planner is tuned to calculate the best trips for a given car and in a charging network. If you prefer or want to avoid certain charging providers, we've got that covered too. But even if you have your own special requirements, we can certainly help you.

But there's more: we know electromobility.

At PUMP, we are always interested in improving the user experience and accessibility of electromobility. With our accumulated experience in the field of electromobility, we can help you lower the barriers to entry into electromobility by helping you eliminate existing problems and obstacles.

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